Vegetables Wholesale

We have our own packaging machines, where various vegetable and salad varieties can be produced in different packaging units. This enables us to flexibly meet the requirements of retailers in terms of packaging shapes and sizes. Our dedicated team of permanent staff is further supported by seasonal temporary workers as needed. Additionally, in-house inspectors ensure that the quality standards for incoming and outgoing goods are consistently met to meet the trade’s requirements.

Cold Store

The key to successful vegetable trading lies in minimizing the time and handling involved in each step, from harvesting to packaging and delivery. This ensures that we can offer always fresh products to retailers.

Our cold storage facilities play a crucial role in this process. Equipped with irrigation systems, they enable precise product-specific cooling, enhancing the overall quality of our offerings. We have approximately 10,000 cubic meters of our own cold storage, divided into 5 different product-related temperature ranges


Dependable and Punctual: Our In-House Logistics

Our modern fleet of refrigerated vehicles guarantees reliable and on-time deliveries to retailers according to their preferred schedules.